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Astrological Techniques and Uncertain Birth Times

Interpretations are comprehensive, reflecting on how the elements of the cosmos collectively influence and add further depth to your life, promoting deeper self-awareness and helping you remember who you are at a soul level. Snapshots provide you with a brief overview of a celestial point of your choice, which can provide insight into key areas of karma, destiny, life purpose, as well as spiritual wounds and challenges.

While other relevant areas of your chart may be briefly discussed, this is not a comprehensive reading as it only focuses on your selected point. Readings provide an analysis of your business, discussing its purpose and potential and offering key insights regarding marketing strategy, strengths, challenges, business development, and other topics. Astrology studies the heavens and stars above to understand how they affect our lives here on Earth.

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The Sun, Moon and planets travel across the cosmos and zodiac constellations. Each exerts a specific energy and governs certain life areas.

Birth Chart Entry

Understanding the planets and their placements within the zodiac constellations can reveal key aspects of your personality, including what you may already know about yourself, as well as more hidden and complex intricacies of your nature. While you may be familiar with your Zodiac or Sun sign, this is just one part of who you are. Your Astrological Natal Chart goes beyond your basic Sun Sign and provides a glimpse of where all the celestial bodies were at the exact moment you were born.

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Clients often report their reading confirmed what they have always known, and perhaps, have always been too afraid to acknowledge. Our Saturn placement represents karma from a previous life that we failed to recognize and have brought into this life to overcome.

What Can I Learn From Astrocartography?

These are areas of fears, challenges, and restrictions. Understanding our Saturn placement reveals how we can identify blockages, face adversities, and ultimately learn and grow so that we can create a more rewarding existence. The way that Courtney writes is clear and beautiful, and the way she explained my cosmic placement was easy to understand and relate to. She emphasized specific sections in my chart which I believe are the parts of me that are naturally highlighted throughout my personality.

I would recommend Courtney to everyone, especially those wanting to dive deeper into getting to know themselves on a more spiritual level, or anyone generally interested in understanding astrology better. Dr Dolan is a master color composer.

Free Birth Chart Analysis

He layers paints and mediums to allow the piece to actually change color, depending on the time of day or the angle of light. He brings these charts back to a whole new life, using colorful layers of specialty inks and paints that will last the test of time.

Look closely, see the brush strokes and ink marks that he enhances the celestial charts with, all by hand. Faded areas and distressing are a beautiful part of this artistic resurrection.

What Is An Astrology Birth Chart? Your Natal Chart Explained

The metallic paints become so incredibly alive in person. These original one of a kind art pieces are true heart-filled resurrections of the forgotten art of celestial charting! It is true old world, reincarnated through art.

Astrology for Beginners: How to Read a Birth Chart 🌝

Many scientific constellations are shown throughout most celestial charts, alongside the depictions of mythological tales and times. We will skillfully wrap and pack your celestial charts, adding bonus cards with information about the cause that your purchase supports. Upgraded Priority shipping is included as well for extra care and speedy delivery!

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Astrological map chart

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