Lunar eclipse march 30 astrology

Mercury enters Sagittarius

You will need to add or subtract hours to the GMT based on the timezone that you were born in. Need more help with timezones? Timezones Help for Moon Signs Calculator. Do you only want to find your moon sign? The Moon Sign Calculator is designed for newbies to astrology who don't want to hassle with confusing astrology jargon. Moon Sign Calculator. This timezone list is incomplete. A more complete atlas with timezones can be found at Astrodienst. In order to obtain an accurate astrological chart, the date, time of birth and the city of the birth are needed in order to do a complete chart calculation.

How to adjust the time of birth to use the planet calculator. So, to adjust the birthtime, it is important to know which timezone you were born in. March 18, Permalink. Posted by: dcu March 20, at AM. My job of 27 yes with CTL is ending soon. Any insight is much appreciated here! Blessings, Love and Peace Nancy. Posted by: Nancy March 20, at AM. Thank you for your articles, Robert! Could you give any insight on how an eclipse of August 11, , which you called "very interesting" and "powerful" in an article of yours might be connected with the March 20, eclipse?

It, indeed, had a cross of major planets, and it looks it must have been influential for many years to come. Then, say, during the May Taurus eclipse asteroid Juno is found in about that same degree, AND, for example, an Ascendant at a certain location in the world is found in that same degree for the current eclipse. Could you provide some guidelines on how energies of those eclipses can connect, steering one's life on the destiny's road, involving the planets touching the degrees where major planets were in a previous eclipse? Also, can one regard an Ascendant for the location on where the eclipse is happening as a "local focal point"?

As we look back on our lives, we might discern the patterns in play that started far earlier than years ago. Thank you! Posted by: Olga March 20, at PM. Hi Olga - What you want would take several full classes to explore!

This Week in Astrology Video Forecast, March 16-31 2016: Libra Lunar Eclipse

The Eclipse affected the entire world for a few years, and of course subsequent transits could resonate with some of what happened then. I have the outline for a major work on Eclipses and how the various ones relate to each other and don't but again, that's an entire book.

While the Asc for an eclipse location might be the same as in one's chart, there's no way there's any direct correlation unless you and the location have some sort of nexus. IOW, while the Asc for Moscow may contact something in my chart, unless I have a real world connection with Moscow, then it's a pure co-incidence with similar but unrelated meanings.

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As for pre and post Saturn returns, that is unrelated, unless the eclipse directly correlates to something in the chart that is affected by the Saturn return. Posted by: Robert April 08, at PM. How important are planetary aspects to the solar eclipse? The eclipse of Sept. Does this suggest a painful experience for someone who has the eclipse contacting an important point in the natal chart?

Or could the eclipse still express well, as they sometimes do, bringing new and exciting experiences into one's life? Posted by: melissa July 29, at PM. Hi melissa - Very important. But an opposition may or may not bring a painful experience. It will challenge your Higher Self to come forth, or you will come to a realization that something must be healed in your inner or outer life.

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Eclipses always shut things down, but that doesn't have to be a bad thing. Posted by: Robert July 31, at AM. As ruler of your solar seventh house, Mars represents ardent lovers. Go forth in hope. The gathering congregation of planets in Capricorn is broadly favourable, this being a kindred earth sign.

All About Eclipses: A Guide for Coping with Them

Jupiter now arrives there for a twelve month stay and immediately makes a telling aspect to Prometheus in your skies, with a solar eclipse thrown in; a suitable omen for a bolt-from-the-blue solution to a nagging problem, a shower of pennies from heaven, or an invitation to a river cruise. Even if you can conjure up no such thunderbolt, Jupiter resident in Capricorn for twelve months means adding to your resources; new skill sets, more travel, a role as Taurus the Wise.

Only now are you free from the messy retrograde of your ruler, Mercury, the one that left you chasing your own tail for much of November. Or you can just show off a bit. The congregating planets in Capricorn promise both an examination of your financial resources, and the chance to add to them over the next twelve months, as Jupiter moves through your eighth house. In partnerships, 2 and 2 can make 5 quite easily if you pool your assets wisely. If who-pays-for-what is an issue, this winter is the time for adjustment.

From the 20th Venus occupies your fellow air sign Aquarius; sweet, but not always great shakes. In , however, Aquarius will be playing a major role in your affairs, so what are apparently fleeting contacts may come to greater fruition this spring and summer. International associations are highlighted. So too is knowledge and knowledge is power. Study, learn and apply new skills sets; you have a sweet, long lead-in over the next three months. December and January represent a climax in your affairs; purely material affairs like property and large amounts of capital, and purely personal affairs like romance and loved ones.

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Or any combination thereof. A stack of planets in opposition this winter will show you any weaknesses in your set-up and your plans. A pair of eclipses across your partnership axis — solar on the 26th, a lunar eclipse in Cancer in January — suggests a shake-up, maybe a vanishing trick. Under Jupiter, creaky relationships fall away, new contenders for your affection arrive. The festive season offers the perfect time to expand your friendship and professional network.

Your ruling planet, Luna, reaches full moon on December 12, a somewhat secretive moment. Immediately after the UK polls close, at 10pm, Luna moves into your skies; a couple of days to see and be seen, regardless of results.

Eclipses: Tables

Your solar sixth house is a place of service and labour, diet and health, practical skills, qualities associated with Virgo, where some Leos will have planets, this being your neighbouring sign. Even if you are a raging royal Leo you can use some of those Virgo tropes as you go through winter. A stunning collection of planets in Capricorn will ease your path through the world of work, good practice and virtue — yup, sigh, you do have to virtuous and abstemious to get the best of this transit.

Big-hearted Jupiter arrives here for 12 months on December 3 to ease career prospects. The new Moon of the 26th, with its sparky aspect to your solar midheaven, looks like a nice kind of wake-up call for July birthdays. Most of December and indeed January is ties up with planets in Sagittarius, fiery like you.

Careful to get your numbers and addresses right at the full Moon of the 12th, when Neptune is involved. Venus moves into opposition for three weeks from the 20th, a sweet omen to bill and coo with your main squeeze, and for singletons to swoon as they espy a face across a crowded party room. Aquarius is a sign bound up with your fortunes in , when significant others promise to get more significant still. Jupiter here for the next year hands you the rub of the green. Remarkably and super rarely, Jupiter will in encounter Saturn and Pluto here in Capricorn.

There is no harm in having Great Expectations, of believing that The Force is with you in the year ahead as long as give your main missions your best shot.

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Jupiter is not, of course, the only planet in the sign of the Goat; the more formidable pair of Saturn and Pluto are there and, in December, Venus and a new Moon on December The month of Capricorn, from the solstice onwards, is the time to check over your plans and implement them, holidays or not. Venus here until the 19th promises a sociable few weeks prior to Christmas itself, when your ruler Mercury also moves onside. Mercury has escaped the November go-slow as the month opens, and the channels of communication open accordingly. With Mars strong in your third house, teaching and education have a positive role, including public speaking.

All those planets in Capricorn ask questions about your level of commitment — in it for the long term or not?

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The only downside is supplied by Neptune in opposition — especially at the full Moon of the 12th. Well is it? December is a month when you can make it so. All you have to do is shake your finances into good order, streamline your possessions ready for new arrivals over the festive tide , and clear your professional commitments.

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