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Your financial situation will remain normal, however, slight ups and downs are possible. You will get continuous support from your father.

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Opportunities of gaining progress in job should not be taken lightly, else you will have to wait for long for the same. Some good news will come from children. Constant support of spouse will help you in moving ahead. Offer help only in extreme conditions. Taurus You will remain a bit uncomfortable. You will experience some difficulty due to life-partner or due to some work. Courage and enthusiasm will also decrease.

But, here I want to advise you that inspite of depending on others, believe in your actions and keep on moving ahead. Because, other than you, there cannot be a better friend or support for you. You may experience a decline in domestic happiness. A long distance journey is also possible. Chances are arising for ill health of your child, especially problems of eyes and headache may disturb.

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  • Time is very average for starting anything new or for making any investment, as results are likely to arrive late. Take light food at night and try to sleep properly. Gemini You may experience tension and restlessness due to any family member. You will feel dull at workplace, which will reduce your efficiency. Time is average for taking financial decisions or business expansion, so try to avoid them. You have to try hard to get success in education and competition.

    Electronic equipments may under malfunctioning.

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    Income is likely to decrease and expenses will increase. Expenses are possible due to any dispute. Stay away from disputes. Keep a control on your anger. Offer a gift to your mother or any equivalent lady.

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    Cancer Your courage will increase in the starting of the month, but health problems may disturb. You will feel restless and face difficulty in taking decisions. Some ideological differences are also possible with friends. You will feel an increase in domestic happiness, but some expenses are likely to occur on domestic tasks. Last days of the week may not produce favorable results for education and competition.

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    Memory may become weak and you may face a problem of forgetting things. This week is average for income. Offer water to Moon. Leo Keep your anger under control, make sure not to hurt anyone from your words. Your behavior will show a little indifference from religion. Sometimes, you will feel very excited and sometimes lack in enthusiasm. Some mental complications may arise due to ideological differences with siblings.

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    Domestic pleasures are also likely to decrease. The good thing about this week is that you will get the support of outsiders. If you are related to government or politics, success will come in a great amount. But, family life is not likely to be good enough this week. You will feel restless and unhappy. Ideological differences are likely to arise with life-partner. However, there are strong chances that unmarried people will get marriage proposals. The week is going to be fine for love matters along with small tensions. Time is going to be very favorable for education and competition.

    Make donations to pacify Ketu. Libra You are likely to spend on domestic resources of pleasures and luxury. Family happiness will increase a lot and you will experience pleasure.

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    • Enemies will get defeated. There are some great chances of going on trips. Your parents will support a lot and you will be able to extract work from higher officials. There are good chances of success for those who are related to social work or politics. Your health will remain normal. Scorpio You may get some mental tensions from life-partner or family members. However, this week is going to be favorable for financial matters.

      Those who are related to real estate or communication work, profits are foreseen for them. Also, those who are associated with work overseas will get success. Time is not favorable for journeys. Pregnant ladies need to take special care of themselves. Worship Lord Shani. Sagittarius Some unnecessary expenses are likely to occur, but income will remain stable. Domestic happiness will increase and social contacts will increase.

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      You may work on some new plannings, but you have to do a lot of hard work to make them real. You will successfully repay the old debt, but take care not to take any new debt. This week you may get short tempered over unnecessary things. Some differences are also likely to occur with brothers, so try to keep your temper under control. Try to maintain a cordial relationship with your seniors at workplace in the initial days of the week. Make donations like milk, curd, rice, white clothes etc. Capricorn Time is going to be extremely favorable for financial matters. If you have followed right direction in past, money will come from many sources. Happiness will prevail at home.

      Luck will support a lot, so any task which you wanted to complete from a long time, go for it now. Time is very favorable for taking financial decisions and for business expansion. You will get support from higher officials and partners.

      Astrosage monthly horoscope gemini
      Astrosage monthly horoscope gemini
      Astrosage monthly horoscope gemini
      Astrosage monthly horoscope gemini
      Astrosage monthly horoscope gemini
      Astrosage monthly horoscope gemini
      Astrosage monthly horoscope gemini
      Astrosage monthly horoscope gemini
      Astrosage monthly horoscope gemini

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