Ketu in pisces in horoscope

Ketu Transit 2015: Impact & Influence

Same time health of spouse may not be much good and there will be a concern on this part. Those who are looking to get married will find things not going in favor and I suggest you wait for because Jupiter transit over 7th House will definitely allow marriage. With father also I see some chances of arguments whereas with mother things will be average. Siblings on another hand may provide you necessary emotional support and you will find them in your favor. High chances are there that you may suffer joint related issues and things like sprain and trips and fall can happen with you.

Be careful while driving and if you are already taking treatment for something then make sure you under the right Doctor. All these matters will solve in and stay cautious and take the best care for your well being.

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The best remedy for you is to read Durga Saptashi daily or on a single day. Cancer natives are the most gentle people you can ever encounter. During , planet Ketu-Rahu will be over their 6thth axis and is going to affect them deeply. If you are in the service sector then the presence of Ketu in 6th House shows improvement in and there will be excellence in your performance.

But try not to get debts on you especially in April,May , because this will cause troubles for you in the future. If you are in Business and make money via speculations then this transit is not showing much good for you. There are chances of having a court case against you, especially some issues from the Government will be there against you. A marginal salary rise will help you but that is not applicable to people who are into Business. You will be having some physical distance from your spouse and there will be some miscommunication with the spouse. There are chances that there will be some health issues to your spouse, so you need to make sure you do take full care of it.

With Fathers, you will be having a good relationship with him and the same is applicable for your Mother also.

Ketu Transit 2015 - Ketu Transit In Pisces 2015 - Transit Of Ketu 2015 Horoscope

Health is going to remain good and you will be feeling energetic in this transit. You will be facing some trips and falls but still, things will be good on Health front. Leo natives are daring and they have an aggressive yet calculative approach to solve any kind of situation or difficulty in their life. Presence of Rahu in your 11th House is looking great for Career and achievements. There is a good chance of promotion and praises for your Hard work. Support from peers and seniors will be there for you.

The presence of Ketu in 5th House may cause some miscalculation or overconfidence which can cost you by end of the year Marriages and relationship with the spouse are going to stay smooth and you will share some good moments together. With parents also things will be going good and your relationship with them will be better.

With children especially the eldest could there will be some issues and his or her health will become a concern for you. Regarding siblings, you are going to witness the rise of your elder sibling and your relationship them will become better. Healthwise this transit looking better than the previous one but still I think your abdomen area and digestion will be weak.

Overall vitality will remain good and your level of energy will be high like as always. Same time read Vishnu Sahatranaam whenever possible. Virgo natives are very down to earth people and are also very determined in work and life. This year and in , Rahu will be over their 10th House and Ketu will be over their 4th House. We all know the magic of Rahu over the 10th House and especially for Virgo natives, Rahu works very well there.

Your performance will achieve perfection and people will praise your work and you may be able to get an important project in your kitty. If you are into Business, Sports or Politics then this transit will surely bring all-around success for you. Despite progress in Career, there may be issues in wealth for you.

Not in earning but in savings because you may end up spending on health of your near ones and same time there will be expenditures on house, car or property. You need to make sure you balance things out because the expenditures will make you worry. Though relationship and mutual aspect with spouse will be there. You may spend a lot on your spouse and will try to keep your spouse Happy by all means. Those who are looking to get married will should wait for to pass because I think is better for auspicious ceremonies. With mother, you need to be most careful because Ketu transit over the 4th House will cause some health issues or relationship issues with her.

With Kids, I think they are going to be super busy and if they are looking to go abroad then it is the right time you take action for it because things will work in your kid favor.

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With siblings, this will remain usual and you will see a good relationship with them. Apart from this, they will be seeing a lot of progress in their life. For you, the year , will be very auspicious for Health and will be excellent shape. Your energy levels will be high and there will be a lot of positive actions you will be taking for your Health. You may start a new diet plan and will adopt good habits which will prove good on the long term. Those who are having some health issues will be able to figure out the right kind of treatment for yourself.

The best remedy for you is to make your Ascendant Lord Mercury strong via a Jyotish Quality Emerald on the smallest finger or right hand.

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Apart from this you should devote yourself to Lord Ganesha and do the ritual for his appeasement. They want an easy life and usually are lucky to get them. Then I think this transition will help those more who are in the beginning stages of their career and are making the foundation. Whereas those who are already established will find few things tough and they may feel frustrated due to obstacles in their path.

If you are waiting for a promotion then this is an auspicious time which will give you one of the best results you can expect in your life. Your relationship with coworkers will improve though some seniors will try to put pressure on you in the end, you will be able to cool it off. If you are into Business then this transit is helping for expansion and make investments.

If you make money via speculations and investments then this transition of Rahu is very helpful for you. As mentioned in the Career section, you will be seeing a rise in Career. And naturally, money will also improve with it. You will be making investments and they will give returns in the future. Also, the old investments are going to deliver now. The relationship is something you value a lot and this transition will make you better in it. Marital harmony will be good and you will spend good time with your spouse. Those who are looking to get married can hold their plans because is looking more auspicious in this regard.

With Father, things may become cold to some extent but with Mother, your relationship will improve. With siblings, there is an indication that they may get very busy in their life and you may not be able to spend time with them. Ketu in 3rd House is considered as good for physical fitness and you may indulge in a new health routine. But if you having some issues going on then you should take the best care and cautions because chances of having wrong treatment are high. Scorpio natives are mysterious and have a tendency to keep things secretive and no one can judge them correctly.

During this Rahu-Ketu transit in , For you, things were going ok so far, but this transition will put an obstacle in your progress and you may need to put extra efforts now. You will start to feel dissatisfied and may not be happy with the progress in your career. Those who are into Business and have a partner in it should stay careful. There are chances of troubles from the Partner and some difference in opinion will be there between you two. Observe the pattern and then after few months make a judgment.

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If you rely on speculations then again go slow and analysis things before making a big decision. There is an indication of property disputes and you should prepare your actions in advance and be ready for trails.

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There is an indication of Health issues to your spouse and same time your equation with the spouse may not go much good. Those who are looking to get married will be able to find a partner and year is looking better than in this regard. With siblings, there will a physical distance between and you may not be able to spend much time with them. Those who are looking for childbirth will finally see success but a lot of efforts will be needed in it.

You need to take the best care on your Physical safety especially when you are in Dasha of Venus or Saturn itself. If you are going though some health issues then make sure you are having the right treatment because some indications are there that your current treatment is not working in your favor. Sagittarius people are noble and kind like to enjoy their life with freedom.


Ketu in pisces, Ketu in Zodiac signs, Analysis of planets

They are quite empathic and want positivity around them. See out of whole signs I think Sagittarius people have the worst transition going on. But with this transit, some minor relief is expected because Rahu will leave their 8th House and Ketu will come out of their 2nd House. But now they will be over axis and Ketu will join Saturn which is there since October So I think despite some improvement in Career still some frustrations will be there and you need to wait till Jan to get the complete turnover in your situation.

Though April will bring an opportunity you will be able to cash in only when you are in Dasha of Jupiter or Sun. The year , will bring a golden phase in your life and you will see your fortune rise in it.

Revati Nakshatra (Vedic Astrology) Pisces Horoscope Ep. 27 of 27

There is something building up and you should try to solve your matters with important people in your life. If you are looking to get married then avoid and look starlight to which is looking much better then this year. With father, your relationship will suffer the most whereas with mother things will be average.

Capricorn natives are the most down to Earth people and believe in Hard Work. Though some issues and difficulties may arise due to rules in a particular country, in the end, you will be able to make your way.

ketu in pisces in horoscope Ketu in pisces in horoscope
ketu in pisces in horoscope Ketu in pisces in horoscope
ketu in pisces in horoscope Ketu in pisces in horoscope
ketu in pisces in horoscope Ketu in pisces in horoscope
ketu in pisces in horoscope Ketu in pisces in horoscope
ketu in pisces in horoscope Ketu in pisces in horoscope

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