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This week brings out a variety of surprises in your family. Some may have relationships with relatives or friends of your family who live near or far. Family visits, meetings and trips are possible during the week. This will be a good week for an engagement or wedding. Men will try to unravel the intentions of men who speak or act in an unusual or strange way. You will have many questions in your head and look for answers that are unlikely to be true. Women will have better expectations for their future, for the development of their personal or professional affairs.

Talking or acting together with people born under the sign of Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces will be helpful. Gemini Weekly Horoscope 4 - 10 November, If you were born under the sign of Gemini, this is a week in which different events will make you judge your actions or decisions so far. Astrology cannot be influenced by anything other than the planets themselves, but planets can influence everything!

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Most of the pain and suffering we go through is because we attach ourselves to unrealistic expectations. You have to follow the map if you want to reach your destination. A horoscope reader will help you find where you are on your life path right now , and then guide you along the path that you must follow to live your soul-purpose. Of course, there will be all kinds of stuff going on as you travel along, but heck, how boring would life be if it was all plain sailing?

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So if you look at it like that, a horoscope reader can tell you about anything that happens in your life. You can ask for guidance and insight about:. Stop punishing yourself! These sites have stacks of readers who do horoscope readings, and many of them are horoscope psychics.

What about our partner site Psychic Source? A crystal energy reading is more of a therapeutic reading , where a horoscope reading is a reading of your life-path. Crystal energy readers offer you a group of gems and crystals and ask you to choose some. Based on your choices you can have a healing reading that highlights issues and offers you solutions. A horoscope reader works with your zodiac sign and the astrology around you to give you insight and guidance on your journey through life.

Every month of the year and every zodiac sign is related to different crystals and gemstones. These are known as your birthstone.

By wearing or keeping your birthstone close by you can draw on its energy when you need to. The starry vault of heaven is in truth the open book of cosmic projection. Most sites require you to open an account and fund it before you have access to a reading. Once you connect with a horoscope psychic, you are charged by the minute, with each minute deducted from your account balance.

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Her reading style is compassionate and she is also a Reiki Healer apart from being an astrologer. She is an Empath and clairvoyant who has practiced many healing modalities like — Astrology, energy therapy, and hypnotherapy. That is the reason she is able to help any individual with any issue in life.

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We have already detailed the cost structure for PsychicSource above and that applies to Psychic Unity as well! She is available for readings on all days except for a sunday. Home daily horoscopes. Your ability to sublimate your affections should not be felt as a frustration but rather as an opportunity to express your creativity on a higher level.

Single, Saturn calms your impulses. It is to better direct your sensual energy toward goals that you want to defend the 17th. You use your instinct to carry a mission, even a dream, and you can count on Jupiter this month the 3rd and 8th to strengthen your support and alliances that could evolve more tenderly. After all, one does not prevent the other. Bet on your obvious charm to plead your case rather than bumping into a wall.

What February has in store for your star sign

Until the 11th, you will have only one idea in mind: your objectives. Venus will increase your appetite from the 21st. Take advantage of this deliciously stimulating presence to raise the temperature and experience strong moments in love towards the 23rd. In a Relationship, Pluto exalts your senses, awakens your instinct and questions you about the intensity of your passions.

This is an opportunity to release your desires and lead your partner into beautiful and sensual adventures the 23rd. You will also launch an indispensable reflection that could provoke a transformation of your desires and values. Single, Pluto works for you body and soul and invites you to look into the motivation of your attachments and your impulses. The opportunity to mourn a way of loving and expressing your desires so that they respond better to your emotional quest. However, you will enjoy an obvious magnetism to try your luck, captivate whoever you like, and seduce everyone.

Enjoy the air of time and the presence of Venus to distract you but also to question yourself on what motivates and inspires your momentum and your quest for sensuality. Others will have to measure themselves against the energies conveyed by Pluto, which will push them to change what hampers their evolution. It's up to you to see what you need to do to express your instincts without necessarily obeying them blindly. This is neither the moment nor the time to be smart and to push anyone to their limits!

While you thirst to achieve your desires it is not a reason, however, to do everything that goes through your head otherwise it will be at your own risk today! On the other hand, if you bet on dialogue to talk about the future, you have a much better chance of winning the vote. Up to you! The 3rd, the current goes well between you, your partner, and the others today when your union is strengthened and where you will undoubtedly have the opportunity to be listened to and obtain the recognition you deserve!

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The 4th, the new moon invites you to push the boundaries of the possible and surpass yourself without abusing it! The 8th, 2nd decan, you could be very successful today. Whether it's signing a golden contract, collaborating with prestigious partners, or achieving an ambition or a dream that is close to your heart, the way seems open! The 9th, projects on track and plans that win the support of your hierarchy.

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gemini tarot reading february Gemini tarot reading february
Gemini tarot reading february

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