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Through Vedic Astrology you will find an objective point of view to understand your life style tendencies, habitual ways of thinking and acting, your affect on other people, and greater self awareness to incite change, should you be so inspired.

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At Asheville Vedic Astrology, Ryan acknowledges the force of your past actions, as indicated by your birth chart, but he emphasizes change through meditation, gem stone, mantra, and practical lifestyle regimens. Your fate is empowered by all the actions you have taken up to this point, which means, every action you take from now on, will alter the flow of the river of your life.

Astrology can serve as a powerful guidepost to making better decisions in the present.

Email our secretary, Emily, to schedule at astroinfo ashevillevedicastrology. Please give her days to respond to your inquiry.

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Ryan Kurczak has studied Vedic Astrology with Dr. Ryan was ordained in , by a direct disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda to teach Kriya Yoga. Ryan has been studying Vedic Astrology seriously since and practicing professionally since He works with clients and students throughout North America and Europe.

Ryan also on staff at the Asheville School of Massage and Yoga, teaching astrology for healers and bodyworkers.

He does sessions sidereally with Lahiri ayanamsha only on special request. He can be of great assistance for all who consult him.

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  5. I have always been drawn to the interpretations of the symbols, signs, and meanings of the mysteries of the universe. In college I focused on Jungian psychology and mythology, which always seemed to point me back to the foundations I had with the astrology through working with the symbols and archetypes of human experience.

    After receiving a B.

    Channing is a jewelry maker, specializing in astrological gemology and astrological jewelry making. To schedule a session with Channing please email channing ashevillevedicastrology. Please note that availability for sessions and fees will be different between Channing and Ryan. Or, if able, should they just go directly into that meditative state with a quiet mind?

    As it happened, Roy Davis answered this for me in one of his last videos. Hi Ryan, Thanks for taking the time to make your introductory set of 52 videos on youtube and the two books that you have written. I am a student and a beginner in this science. I had a few questions, and amongst all the authors and material I have consumed, I feel this falls most in your thought process.

    Apologies in advance for the number of questions. Would be grateful if you had a few moments to chime in. Question 1 : The 12 Rashis or signs — why does it make sense or why did Parashara lay them out the way he did. Meaning why is Aries the first sign and not say Leo or say Cancer?


    The Art and Science of Vedic Astrology Volume 2 : Intermediate Principles of Astrology

    Would you have any recommendations? Through this I am hoping to understand for myself why a particular planet would feel a certain way : eg what does Sun in Virgo mean or why would Mars be weak in Cancer? Question 3 : Each house has been assigned some properties — eg 11th house : significator of gains. Where does this come from? Why does the first house signify the things it does, why not the third house?

    Question 4 : Why is a particular graha the natural karaka for a particular house? Even though we say the first sign is Aries in the first house, we dont say Mars is the natural karak of the first house, but rather the Sun, significator of the self is the natural karaka because the 1st house stands for the self, the divine spark. So how does Aries get mixed up in this as the first Rashi and not Leo?

    I am a little confused with the description of the meaning of the houses on page 70 and modifying factors on page For example, on page 76, the 6th house seems to refer to Vergo and is related to health, yet on the top of page regarding a Cancer ascendant, the 6th house would be Sagittarius and would deal with health. Yes, you look at both the natural sixth sign Virgo and the sixth house for the ascendant in question, for Cancer that would be Sag. When you find confluence, you have a stronger karma. I understand that every sign has a correspondent chakra.

    Every chakra has a correspondent mantra. One would expect to develop a deeper understanding of Rahu and a better working relationship with that energy. I have just purchased the book the Art and Science of Vedic Astrology. Please kindly point out the source in the scriptures that describes the benefits of gemstones in astrology. Thank you in advance. There are other sources that speak to the healing properties of gemstones. If we only went by what are in the older books and that was all, you would never advise doing a lot of things that are very helpful today, yes?

    Now I can not imagine looking at a chart without using them! The chapter on bhava yogas is amazing, fresh and modernized in comparison to the classical texts on astrology. Bhava yogas are basically an analysis of what happens when the Lord of a house is positioned in another house. The positive and negative influences of the Bhava yogas are a fascinating and insightful tool.

    So many questions we all have are clearly explained like rules on planetary war, strengths of karmas and prasna astrology. I am now with studying the Vimshottari dasa system along with the Nakshatras and transits thanks t.


    The quality of the book surprised me. I've been reading astrology books since the early 80's, so I didn't expect to find much that was new. I found new explanations and better explanations than I've found in most other Astrology books.

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    If I were trying to learn to do charts, I'd start right here. What surprised me was that the author mentioned other astrology books, but, in my opinion, this is, on the whole, a better book than others he's mentioned. The best compliment that I can pay the author, is that as soon as I finished Vol. Guess that makes it a page-turner! Ryan Kurczak has paid much attention to the planetary avasthas which is avoided in many astrology books.

    Vedic Astrology Flashcards

    Definitely provides something new to learn in vedic astrology. One person found this helpful. This is a book that I often refer to, for the house lords in various houses. After reading Vol 1, as you progress to Vol 2, you will begin to realize the amount of depth and detail this book provides. There are a variety of topics covered. Prasna, avasthas and a nice appendix at the back for planets in various divisional charts.

    The information is well presented in an organized and structured manner, enabling you to work your way gradually through each chapter, without feeling overwhelmed. This is a book I would recommend for students of astrology seeking to learn astrology in a step -by-step manner. This is also a good book to be used as a text in astrology schools, given its manner of presentation, with clear and precise information. This book is excellent! I'm reading it right now while I'm taking an online course by the author, and I'm using it constantly as a reference.

    It's very interesting alone, but I do suggest taking a course from Kurczak in addition to the book. The courses really make the planets come alive in a way that no book can quite do. Go to Amazon.

    Intermediate Principles of Astrology: Volume 2: W. Ryan Kurczak, Richard Fish: orasinunan.cf: Books

    Back to top. Get to Know Us. Length: pages.

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